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About us

Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories Shopping at its Best. Frequent Updates, Lowest Prices, and Great Packaging.


We started TrendyWhoesale with a singular mission, to supply quality products and offer latest styles.

Not only do we distinguish ourselves in wholesale jewelry market with great products and lowest prices, our impeccable packaging and color thumbnail packing list along with invoice makes unboxing our packages a hassle-free, doubt-free process.

Our dedication in bringing you the latest trends in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry items will undoubtedly show in our new arrivals page.

On time delivery in full quantity is another goal and we have been more efficient due to developing our own ecommerce solution software. Warehouse operation continue to meet and exceed the company's goals.

We hope you love shopping at Trendywholesale.com as much as we're enjoying building it.






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